The Same?

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All the same but…

…are they really? With identical forms and rooflines, these Nordic homes have the potential to be bland and undifferentiated, but they’re not. In fact, they’re quite interesting and beautiful. All because of their use of color.

Is one house better than another?

When I look at this image, I’m struck by the beauty of the whole, and less so by the individual houses. I imagine a single home like this placed in this snowy environment might be interesting, but it’s the collection that arrests me. There is a balance between my perception of the individual and the group.

Sameness and Singularity

All around us is a world that has sameness as well as singularity. It is in the eyes of the observer that the differentiation lies. We can look at people, places and things all around us and see all that is common, or we can look at the same people, places and things and see all that is different or unique.

The key to understanding is to appreciate both.