2016 – Start

© Olivier Le Moal | Dreamstime.com

I don’t know about you, but I’m always excited about each new year! It represents a time of promise, possibilities, and new challenges. It’s a blank slate, just waiting to be written upon. Hmmm, what color chalk should I use first?

But first…

A moment of reflection about the year just past. New Year’s is also like a second Thanksgiving to me, a time to look back with gratitude for the people who made such an impact on me in 2015. They are too many to name in a blog post (and probably would be embarrassed to have their names splashed on the internet anyway), but they include my family, friends, colleagues and clients. Thank you for making this past year spectacular in so many ways!

So Here’s to 2016!

My wish for you all is a happy, fulfilling, eventful, and marvelous year, with 366 days (yep, Leap Year) full of memories to be grateful for a year from now!