Is This Your Challenge?

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In recent years, hospitals and medical groups have faced an accelerating pace of change, particularly in their facilities. Sometimes this is because of a merger with another organization, or an expansion into a new area, or the need to renovate outdated facilities to accommodate new functions or changing patient volumes. It’s a challenging time!

Change is good. Usually.

If we aren’t managing change to meet evolving needs, we are failing our organizations. However, due to continued pressure on budgets and the bottom line, many healthcare organizations find that their facilities and engineering departments (if they have one) are leaner than they have been in years. More projects are being handled by fewer and fewer in-house project managers. And they’re swamped!

So there’s a problem.

Leaders find that certain projects are backing up. The internal planning process struggles to determine reliable budgets for these projects so that priorities can be set and implementation schedules created. These aren’t the really large projects that command the focus of everyone from the CEO on down…it’s all the others that are needed for the organization to continue to function smoothly.

A colleague of mine and I were considering this, and we asked each other:

  • What if there was a company that had extensive experience in healthcare design and construction to provide a new process for these sorts of projects?
  • What if that company could quickly identify the key determinants and prepare an accurate budget and schedule for the client?
  • What if that company could provide all the key information needed by the healthcare organization’s leaders, but in a way that frees them up to handle more pressing responsibilities?
  • What if that company could handle the entire design, engineering, procurement and construction process…better, cheaper and quicker than the traditional approaches?
  • “What if” indeed…

So we created a new company.

We named it Exigent Healthcare Environments. If you’re looking for solutions that include integrated design and construction services, it’s up and running and ready to serve. Learn more about it by clicking here, or email me at