We focus on problem-solving…so the first step is to understand the client’s issues. In some cases, our clients are very clear about what their problems are, but in other instances they may need help to clarify where to start. They just know that they need to do SOMETHING. We can often determine what approach will make the most sense with conversation on the phone or over a cup of coffee. We can customize services to a unique problem, or we can apply the services described below.

Vision and Strategy Review

It is not uncommon for a healthcare organization to know it needs a building project but to be unsure where to start. For this reason, we offer a low commitment consultation we call a Vision and Strategy Review. Click here to learn more.


This can follow a Vision and Strategy Review, or it can be the starting point. Stratton Brook will provide comprehensive services to assist the client in identifying problems, determining conceptual solutions, and developing implementation strategies.

Needs Assessment

We work collaboratively with our clients to engage key stakeholders in identifying functional and operational deficiencies, clinical services alignment issues, real estate assets and opportunities, schedule challenges, and funding requirements. We organize the efforts of the group to achieve a comprehensive and concrete identification of the problem to be solved, which is based on consensus of the key participants.

Strategic Planning

Having collaboratively completed the Needs Assessment, we work to identify the full range of solutions. We develop criteria to judge each solution against potential future scenarios so that risks can be managed adequately. We create comprehensive and accurate budgets, and realistic project schedules. We identify other participants who will be needed to implement the project. Finally, we assist the organization in the decision-making process that finalizes the path to achieving the client’s objectives.

Project Management

For complex projects, Stratton Brook can provide overall Project Management services (also known as Program Management services) to coordinate all of the activities required to complete the project. This coordination often includes special business planning, detailed budget projections, project scheduling, Certificate of Need application preparation, site research and selection, land development approvals, medical equipment planning, and construction services procurement.


Once there is a clear objective and problem to be solved, we can move into Comprehensive Planning and Architectural Services. Now our team is ready to roll up our sleeves and design solutions with the client for the client’s approval. We have the latest technology for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and project management, and we pride ourselves in our project management and systematic approach. We move quickly through the necessary steps and fast track where possible, since managing time and budget is as important at the design solutions themselves. We will prepare all of the documents, drawings, and specifications necessary for construction, and we assist the client in making key decisions on construction delivery methods.

We have a strong track record of completed projects, evidenced by the fact that a significant proportion of our work is for repeat clients.